Friday, June 23, 2006

Final Decision.

Bad news.

I've decided to move over to

I made the pro/con list and the pros of going to LiveJournal out numbered staying here at

The reason?

I find myself not posting things that... I kinda wish I did or could but I don't because I'm always afraid of a family member finding my blog. I've had this happen once before and it wasn't pretty. I still have no clue who it was but I do know they shared what I wrote with my mother.

The whole point of my blog... is to help with stress. I'll type anything at any givin moment just so I don't go to the fridge. It's helped in the past and I feel that if I go to *some* private journals... It'll help me again.

Here's my new link...

I also want to say -- In order to read my *private* blog entries... You'll have to make an account with I'm sorry for that. :-(

Hope to see ya'll over there!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006


I need help ya'll...

I'm trying to make a decision on whether I should stay at or move to


I love because your able to put cute layouts and such up...

BUT... I love the idea of being able to make *some* private posts in

I don't know what to do... Is there any other blogging programs out there that allows you to have password or private posts? I'm not so blog-smart when it comes to these type of things...

So... any advice would be fantastic!


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Friday, June 09, 2006

As the world turns...

Life seems to be getting a little better and that makes me a very happy girl...

I have so much to update... So... Here it goes...

My friend SuperDan & I have started talking again... He added me back to his myspace and LJ... Talking to him again, in a odd way... makes things better... makes things like they were 2 weeks ago...

What can I say? I hate change! Which only means, I hated not talking to him! But I did learn a few things about myself during the 2 weeks all of this drama was going on and I think it'll be easy for me to improve on them...


During those 2 weeks... Kevin was looking up old friends on myspace and to be quite honest with you... I had no idea you could do that until he explained it to me! And get this... I was able to track down my old best friend from Michigan! We've been talking non-stop... It's so amazing you can go 12'ish years with no contact and in the matter of a few days... it's right back to the good ol days.

I love it.

We've even talked about... possibly getting an apartment together in January. I've been looking to move anyhow and her lease is up at the end of the year! We also figured out that my grandma, aunts, uncles only live about 15-20 minutes from her... So maybe I could re-connect with them since I've had to go so many years with out them.

I'm not completely sure this is what I'm going to do.... But it's something to keep in mind... I'll most likely be visiting Michigan this summer to spend time with my Grandmother... if that doesn't happen, I'll fly up there at the end of the summer and spend time with Leslie and my Grandma It'll be fantastic! :-)

And maybe our other friend, Tammy will be able to fly up from Florida and visit us too!

Oh wait - I didn't add that part! I not only found Leslie an old neighbor/best friend but it seems as though after all these years that Leslie and Tammy had become friends also. Tammy was actually my younger next door neighbor... Leslie was a few houses down.

So... I was reunited with 2 old friends. Heh. It's so awsome!

Now... on to a weight-loss update...

I've been cutting down on what I'm eating... Not 100% on track but cutting down and I'm pretty sure I've lost a few more pounds. I'm kinda afraid to get on the scale and then get all wacky about the numbers.

However, I keep noticeing my skin is becoming... wrinkling in some areas... it's kinda gross but at the same time it shows I've lost a bit of weight. I can't wait for plastics/hernia repair!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Boy, I missed my silly monkey...
I missed him so much... that I bought him a pool!
Doesn't he look like the happinest kid on earth?
By the way, he was in the process of splashing me during this picture and telling me to... "Yeah! Get in the pool! But you have to take your clothes off first Katie!"
They're... So silly... So carefree...
I love my silly monkey.
Of course, my clothes were soaked but I didn't care...

Today was a good day.
Now... I just wish I could change some things.
Have you ever had someone tell you something... that completely surprised you because it was never your attentions. But it could change everything. Everything that means so much to you. Everything that you think deep down is what you want.
How do you change your mistake? How do you make them realize that's not what you met?
I wish the tears would stop falling.
I wish sometimes life was as carefree as my nephew makes it.
I wish I could go back and change things or atleast... some of the things I've said.
Only time will tell...
Edit: I don't know why, but all the lines seem to be chopped up and mis-placed. I'm to tired to try and fix it. Good Night.

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I feel like a dork.

He deleted me.
He didn't stand up for me.
He allowed some chick, he only knew for a few days to delete me from his life.
He, in other words, throw our friendship down the drain without even saying a word to me.
It kinda feels like he doesn't even give a fuck about what he did...

But yet...

I miss my friend. I really do.

I mean... We were really close...
Atleast, as close as two friends can be online.


I dunno what else to say...

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